Our History

We founded FCamara, The idea was to be a company with few consultants and specialized in improving web applications performance and technical training.


We became the main technology partner of "Submarino Viagens".


We conquered a new customer, "Walmart", in a challenging project with "Vtex" Platform.


We participated in an important omnichannel project of "Magazine Luiza".


We became a Service Provider to 12 of the top 20 largest e-commerce in Brazil.


We created own innovative engineering software model. The model is the best of ideation, construction, and growth hacking methods to build platforms and apps for our customers that was migrating to digital transformation.


We won an award for the best service company in e-commerce (category: Digital Innovation by "ABCOMM").


We founded Orange Founders, a Venture Builder that transforms ideas into successful companies.



FCamara is a consulting company that creates strategies for Digital Transformation.
We are leaders in the e-commerce market!


LinkApi is an intelligent, efficient and robust integration platform, which provides total integration ranging from e-Commerce platforms to a variety of ERP’s and environment systems.


Hashtrack.io is an app that aims to make time management easier by thinking about how much time is spent on work in total.

It provides an easy way to track time for any service company or any team within a company. Hashtrack’s main focus groups are consultants, lawyers and programmers.

Our purpose is to help companies to be more efficient with a data-driven culture and produce more with less effort.


WelcomeApp helps companies to reduce turnover, the length of a new employee’s  learning curve, and to increase engagement through a gamified corporate app with contents based in four columns: Culture, Compliance, Clarification, and Connection. Thus developing employees to be more motivated and acquainted with the company’s culture and goals


The best software to create and manage results by OKR methodology.

It’s  the methodology that is changing the strategic management all over the world. We assure the best results with a dedicated consulting team as well as a platform that makes your management much easier  and with much higher performance.

GetOKR is the simplest and smartest way to stablish  your company goals and expected key results, which gives alignment to teams and brings better results.

Meet our Founders

Entrepreneurs and makers for the real world.

Thiago Lima


Thiago is a lifelong entrepreneur, who starts in software development when he was 12. At 17 he created his first company of consulting and cloud applications integrated's of ERPs ecosystem.

Fabio Camara

Board Member & Executive Director

CEO & Founder in FCamara. Fabio was the first Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) of VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) of the Latin America, with more than 58 certifications and author of 15 technical books.